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Jason & Molly’s Trash the Dress…

Sometimes I feel like we’re the luckiest photographers in the world because we have such amazing couples like Jason & Molly. This Monday we braved the traffic in downtown Cleveland and spent the afternoon hopping from spot to spot grabbing awesome scenes. I really fall in love with each of our couples, and Jason & Molly are no exception – their chemistry just begs to be photographed and they always manage to naturally fall into poses that are way better then my initial suggestion.

This scene is a good example. I usually encourage the bride to do different things to create a fun moment, but I didn’t have to say a word with Molly. Ted and I LOVE bright colors to use in our backgrounds. Don’t you just love this awesome green wall we found?

This place was an accidental find by Ted. I love the way the arrows on either side of the door point right to the couple. I also love how Molly’s body is just falling into Jason and how her legs are crossed.

I just love it when the veil blows around.

And again – the movement of the veil makes my day!

Doesn’t Molly just sparkle as soon as you add Jason to the shot? I think they should get married…;)

Another awesome veil shot by Ted…

Ever since our very first TTD session with Kate and Bryan, I’ve been a sucker for graffiti. This place was so amazing I can’t believe we didn’t have to hop any fences to get to it.

Besides being scared that there was a body on the floor (jokingly scared of course), this shot of Ted’s turned out incredibly moody and mysterious.

One of Ted’s dreams was realized that day when we got to shoot down the row of pillars in front of Cleveland Clinic. This isn’t a “real” trashy spot so future brides – look forward to hearing this place suggested on wedding day!

And the last shot of the day turned out to be one of the best in a little patch of perfectly manicured grass we found.

One more TTD session recorded on the books for us and we couldn’t be happier with the results! Always thanks to our real life models that make it possible!!