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Amy & Rocky’s Wedding

So the famed “6-7-08” date has passed and what a day it was for us! With as many calls as we were getting a day for this date back last summer, I have always been thankful that Amy and Rocky got to us first! Amy has that special grace that makes everyone around her just immediately fall in love with her and Rocky appreciates her in the most special way. Even though it was the warmest day of the year so far (at least it felt like it) they were up for anything we suggested and earned the right to be called one of the most easy-going couples we’ve ever had. Check these out:

The day before, I had told Ted that I wanted to try a couple different looks for my bridal portraits and I did! I’m still obviously a sucker for window light (I just think it’s perfectly flattering for a bride), but I changed it up a little bit and wasn’t afraid to move the furniture to do it!

Of course, I did have it easy since Amy is one of the most photogenic people I’ve ever met…

Obviously Amy’s son Jack inherited her beauty and gave me some of the best poses I’ve ever seen from a ring-bearer…

Ted never gets stuck in a rut and I could barely contain myself when I saw this image he got from the getting ready time with the guys.

The award for coolest groomsmen shot of the year goes to my husband!!! Check out that reflection –


Off to the location which we were pleasantly surprised to find WASN’T overflowing with bridal parties!

Some sweet stuff…

Some fun stuff…

To quote Jack here, “Let the eating begin!”

End of the night image that demonstrates their chemistry so well:

I know this post is already unusually long but I just had to add some of the fun photo booth images that Ted got! For the brides that haven’t heard of this yet, Ted and I were so fascinated by a real photo booth at a wedding we shot last year, that we decided to use the idea and create what we call a “human photo booth”. Either Ted or myself will set up against a blank wall and everyone that wants their picture taken can come by and do as many fun, silly, crazy, naughty, or nice photos they want. The next week, we have all the photos posted online for viewing and purchasing. To see the photos from this week’s photo booth, go to our main page, click on the “Enter Proofing” block, and enter the password “photobooth2”. For now, here are some of the highlights!