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Kate & Bryan

The Saturday before last, we took a welcome break from weddings and headed out to West Side Market with our all star couple Kate & Bryan.  Kate & Bryan recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary and wanted to do a session with us since they never got to do an engagement session.  So this was their “post engagement session.”  What can I say?  It was so much fun!  Kate and I had been brainstorming the previous weeks about location, clothing, and poses.  For all you brides out there, I learned some big things from Kate about posing – her secret is America’s Next Top Model!  There wasn’t a moment that our cameras were pointed in her direction, that she wasn’t perfect.  Check it out:

I love photographing them because I love their relationship.  These two are each other’s absolute best friends and you can’t not notice it…


Of course, Bryan wasn’t too far behind Kate.  He recently got asked to model for something or other – I think I see a future career!

This is my favorite shot that I got from the day.  It captures exactly what I had in mind for the session from when we first started talking about it.

One of the things I love most about shooting with Ted is that we see things so differently.  He got this shot seconds before I got the previous one.  He read the scene so much differently than I did!

This is my favorite shot of Ted’s.  I love Kate’s expression here, and how it looks like we walked up on them during a private moment.

She’s smokin’!!!

This one probably was shot by one of us testing the exposure while Kate & Bryan were getting into their pose, but I saw it and loved it.  To me, it shows their relationship in one passing moment…

Use…D other?  Love it anyway…

Kate and I had this idea simultaneously for this red door.  Does it get much more expressive than this?  I think not.

Thanks guys for everything – you’re awesome and we love you!

  • Andrew - Great images and a real great opportunity to stay in touch with your clients.

  • rad - very nice shots ted and rachel. kate (k&b10312002) send me a note, we should chat sometime!