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Paul & Holly!

The Monday before last we met up with another great photographer Paul Floyd and his wife Holly.  We know from experience, that it’s way too easy to forget about photos of yourself when you’re behind the camera all the time!  I’m so glad these two made the time to get some of themselves!  We always give our couples lots of direction to look their best in front of the camera, but we barely had our cameras turned on before these two started busting out the poses!  I don’t know if it’s all the experience behind the camera or if Paul and Holly were just born this cool, but the whole session was basically just following them around taking their picture!  Check their hot selves out:

Isn’t Holly’s hair just gorgeous?  I may be biased since I am a blonde too, but still…

The whole day went sorta like this, “Okay guys, lets get you over there…oh wait – forget it – what you’re doing is perfect!”  Here is Holly checking out her hot hubby!

Paul and Holly are mostly “cool”, but we grabbed some sweet stuff too!

Wade Lagoon was a special request from Paul, and I think it turned out pretty awesome!

Pretty close to professional models!!!

We had so much fun guys and didn’t even feel like we worked!