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Liz & Mike’s E Session…

Well I’m done letting Ted have all the fun blogging.  It’s time for the real boss to step in here and get some posts going!

Ted and I felt comfortable with Liz and Mike the second they walked into our home for their consult a while back.  They are both so down to earth and just plain likable.  One of the things I especially appreciate about Liz is that she goes out her way to make other people feel comfortable.  We liked them even better at the engagement session we did last week.  Even though it was pretty darn cold, Liz and Mike didn’t hesitate at all for instructions.  I love to see these two in action!  I’m not sure of all the details that brought them together but I am absolutely certain that they were made for each other.  They suit each other perfectly.  I can’t wait to see them on their wedding day!

We mixed it up with them and went to a brand “new” location for us.  Loved this old barn!

So, when I say they are perfect for each other in every way, Liz might disagree with me and say that Mike is too tall.  She had to stand on a rock to reach him for this one:

Of course, the height discrepancy makes for great shots of Liz laying on Mike’s chest!

I tripped in a ditch on the way over to this side, but I didn’t mind for this light:

A short stop at some of our favorite steps…

I think the snow-on-shoes thing is starting to grow on me…

I already mentioned what I love about Liz, so I have to say what I love about Mike too.  Mike is a quick learner and was soon doing exactly what I had pictured right as it came to me.  This is all him:

Thanks guys for being so awesome!  We had so much fun braving the weather with you!