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Neil and Katrina’s Wedding

This past weekend was quite a crazy one for us! We started off Friday with Neil and Katrina, and made the drive down to Cincinnati right after their wedding wrapped up (about 11pm) to photograph Emilee and David (coming soon) starting at 8:30 am the next day!  Needless to say, we slept pretty good when we arrived home Saturday night!

The first part of our weekend was with Katrina and Neil, who are just about the most fun couple you could ever meet.  I love Katrina because she is the kind of person who never holds back her emotions.  We first met her at a bridal show a year or so ago and as she and I were talking about wedding day photography, she burst into tears!  I fell in love with her right then!  When we finally met Neil, I wasn’t disappointed.  He is her perfect balance: so much fun with just the right amount of seriousness.  I don’t think anyone stopped smiling all day.  The weather went right along with our mood too – not a cloud in the sky!

What’s that?  A reflection?!

Probably a bad idea to give Neil’s present to Katrina as she was having her makeup done, but I love this moment anyway…

You know I couldn’t leave that mirror alone!

Not only is Katrina pretty amazing, but her friends and family are too!  While I was taking the following image, everyone behind me was going, “Ooooooohhhh…..Awwwwwwww…..”  How’s that for encouragement?

I can be such a girl, but I love details.  This compact was my favorite:

One of my all time favorite getting ready images from Ted – I love all that negative space!

Neil got a pretty awesome present from Katrina that came wrapped in those colors everyone loves to see: Tiffany blue and white!  Fun fact: they got each other the same exact card without knowing it!

Check out this handsome dude!

One of the most exciting moments in the wedding photographer’s career (at least ours anyway) is being able to photograph what we call a “First Glance”.  For those of you who don’t know what this is, it’s a special meeting before the wedding between the bride and groom.  It’s private, it’s exciting, it’s electricity, it’s emotional…  The First Glance allows the bride and groom to talk, to laugh, to cry with each other – things that can’t always happen on the altar of the church with every eye on you.  We are partial to the first glance because it allows us to capture the most emotionally charged moment of the day (the second the couple sees one another for the first time) with no distractions or limitations.  It also allows us much more time to capture photos of the bride and groom together and makes the ceremony to reception transition much smoother.  Because of all said reasons, Katrina and Neil chose to do a First Glance.  Check out this amazing moment when Katrina was first walking up to Neil…

Keeping the groom’s back turned on the initial approach we feel really preserves the moment when the bride walks down the aisle for the first time.  It makes it an entirely different moment!

This is the point where we become “photo ninjas” and allow the couple to have their private time…

Clinton Ohio has so much to offer as far as photography locations!  We found this great tree lined drive right away…

Then this off the wall little area…

Then my favorite: Yoder’s small engine repair shop.  Amazing!  Katrina and Neil really fit well into the urban/hip style, so this location was perfect for them!  Check out the eyes on this girl!!!

Who wouldn’t stop here?!?!

Occasions Party Center looks pretty nice all dressed up.

Now time for the outdoor ceremony – another Linczak favorite!


I will spare you my weekly speech about family formals just as long as you know, we did everything outdoors!  🙂  Actually, with perfect timing, a big cloud rolled over the sun just enough to give us this perfect light:

Have I mentioned that pink is my favorite color?

The stylin’ men!

Now on to the fun part of the day: the party!  And party we did, with one of our favorite DJ’s Brian McDonald with Academy DJ’s.

Not that anyone had to work to keep people on this dance floor!

And last but not least – stealing the couple out back for a sweet end of the night shot!

Have a great honeymoon you guys!  You deserve it!

  • Brantley Freeman - Oh I can’t wait till you guys photograph us! Each and every time I look at your blog… I LOVE everything that I see! More and more excited each day! Great job [as always!]!!