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The Wedding of Doug & Jennifer…

So we had another double header this past weekend starting with Doug and Jennifer on Friday.  What a way to kick off the weekend!  We knew from shooting their engagement session that Doug and Jen were going to be a joy to work with on wedding day.  They are so attentive to detail and trust us so completely that it puts Ted and I at absolute ease.  Besides that, it seems like we all have so much in common with each other!  Also, it doesn’t get much better than that weather we had!  All in all, it was a pretty spectacular day, and as I remarked to Doug at one point, it didn’t even feel like work!

Ted’s new toy is yielding some awesomeness!

Jen’s eyes just kill me!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen eyes like hers!

This was the quietest bridal room I ever shot in!  Jen has a amazingly sweet and quiet personality, and I felt like it carried over to all the other parts of the day…

Isn’t she gorgeous?  Doug’s a lucky guy!

Doug’s a pretty cool guy himself though.

Ted and Doug can talk all day, but they finally got down to business…

One of our favorite locations in Cleveland is the Botanical Gardens.  Doug and Jen had their locations nailed right away since this where the ceremony was held…

Family formals were amazing!  One of the many bonuses from doing formals outdoors is the amount of time that it takes to do them!  Taking out the time it takes to set up and tear down our studio lights gives us even more time to spend with the most important part of the day: you! Oh yeah – and they look way more gorgeous outdoors anyway!

One of the best parts of this day was the fact that Doug and Jen decided not to have a bridal party.  For all you bridal parties out there – you know we love you!  We just can’t hide our excitement over having a bride and groom all by ourselves for the whole creative time and it was a nice change of pace!  We started with the Gardens…

We love natural light!!!

After roaming around the gardens for awhile, we all piled into the limo and headed around University Circle.  So. Completely. Thrilled.  with this shot.

The reflection trend continues! Doug and Jen think that they need lots of direction in front of the camera, but they did this by themselves, so I think it’s all a front!  🙂

Gotta shot some love for the bling!

Love this light!  I think I’ll keep Ted around if he keeps seeing shots like this:

One of the best things about being alone with bride and groom was the ability to just slow down and relax a little bit.  One thing we have learned over our career is that more people (almost always) equals more chaos.  This day was calm, relaxed, and sweet.  Just like Doug and Jen.

The only thing Jen asked me for the entire day was to include some birds into some of their images.  Since we almost killed a seagull at their engagement session by feeding it a chip, I thought it was only fair to include seagulls on wedding day also.  How could you not love this couple?  Jen pulls up her skirt, grabs Doug’s hand and they sprint towards this huge group of seagulls!

Winding down on our time together, we headed off to Windows on the River – one of our favorite reception halls!

The balcony in the City View room gives us the opportunity to grab some shots from above…

The party was hopping with the DJ Crew, and then we ended the night off with some of my favorite end of the night stuff ever!  🙂  I say that every week I know…  Mine:


I have absolutely fallen in love with the two of you and all of the amazing images we got from your wedding day!  We can’t wait to show you the rest!