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Rami and Mona’s E-Session

When Ted and I first met Mona and her mom a few months ago, we were pretty excited to hear about their big day coming up this December.   We felt an instant connection with Mona and as soon as we met Rami, we knew we were set!  They are so fun together and great in front of the camera!  All you have to do is say the word ‘laugh’ and Mona cracks up – which is exactly what we wanted her to do!  We started a little later in the evening and were able to take advantage of some cool sunset opportunities that we normally don’t have time for as well as get eaten by about a million mosquitoes.  All in a day’s work!  🙂


They are so sweet together.  They both think they are the lucky one in the relationship.  I like that.


You gotta love Mona’s shoes!


Ted does an amazing tight rope act for this shot:


There’s that beautiful sunset light!


We hardly ever get the chance to use this time of day for photos, so this was very fun for us!


My favorite:


We’ve been proud of Cleveland as a place for photography for the past few weeks.  Mona & Rami wanted to incorporate the Rock Hall for a few – I love this take on it:


  • Brantley Freeman - Holy cow those last set of shots are absolutely amazing! I love those – A LOT!!!

  • Jessica Lentine - That first sunset shot is one of my favorites ever… absolutely stunning!

  • Natalie - That second last shot is amazing. You could not have painted that picture any better!!! wow!