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Jill, Thomas, and Zoe!

A few weeks ago we met up with Jill, Thomas, and their little fur baby Zoe (yes that is Zoe the puggle number 2  for those of you who are paying attention!).  I know Jill had felt a little flustered that day coming in from work, but she and Thomas just fell right into their roles as models for the camera as if they do it everyday!  Zoe was the hard one to photograph since she was going about 100 miles per hour the entire time!  Good thing we use fast lenses!  🙂  Check them out!

I don’t know about you guys, but to me, this looks like Zoe’s “proud” look:


This was what Zoe was doing practically the entire time!


After the baby left, Jill and Thomas showed us what they are really made of!  I love watching them in action.  They are so happy to be together!


Special request for the groom!


The bench never gets old!


We never had to tell them to look happy, they just ARE happy!  I think they are perfect for each other.


One of our favorite spots!


I can’t decide whether I like the rust or the rails more.  I think I just like it all!


Rarely do we show detail shots from engagement sessions on the blog, but I loved this natural hand modelling from Jill:


Quick outfit change and we’re ready to go for one last scene!


Looking forward to next June guys!