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Dan & Alicia’s Wedding at The Club at Key Center

Despite all the rain we’ve been getting the past summer, our wedding days have seen some amazing weather, and Dan and Alicia’s big day was no different! They got married on a gorgeous Friday afternoon at St. Bernadette in West Lake, followed by a reception at the beautiful Club at Key Center in downtown Cleveland. The awesome weather allowed us to make a stop at Huntington Beach for some creative wedding  photos! Their wedding was a beautiful and intimate celebration of love, family, and friends, and as photographers we were honored to be a part of it all! We also had the chance to work with some great local vendors, including floral arrangements by Al Wilhelmy, an amazing cake by The Wild Flour Bakery, and the incredibly talented DJ Scott Jones of Jerry Bruno Productions. Enjoy the images!

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  • Alicia Levy - Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We just relived the entire day all over again. They are BEAUTIFUL! You guys are amazing 🙂