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Mike and Kelly’s Kirtland Country Club Wedding

One of the best parts of our jobs as Cleveland wedding photographers is the opportunity to work with incredibly gracious and sweet couples, as well as their families and friends. Both Kelly and Mike’s families were so warm and welcoming, they really made us feel as if we were part of the family! Of course Kelly and Mike were quite the stars in front of the camera, and the gorgeous Kirtland Country Club set the stage for a fabulous June wedding! A huge thanks again to Valarie from Kirkbride’s Planning and Design for all of her hard work! If you happened to miss our previous post focusing on some of the beautiful decor and amazing vendors at Kelly and Mike’s wedding, you can see that by clicking here! Thanks again guys for being so fabulous, enjoy the images! Also, if you haven’t “Liked” Linczak Photography on Facebook yet, be sure to do that by clicking here!

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  • Gina Vitanza-Burich - awesome!

  • Kelly Lynn - These are so amazing and beautiful! Thank you Ted and Rachel!

  • Jodi Bevan Beachy - Gorgeous photos! Thank you for capturing the beautiful souls of this marriage…………………..

  • Jodi Bevan Beachy - Gorgeous photos! Thank you for capturing the beautiful souls of this marriage…………………..

  • Beverly Horton - A more beautiful and happy couple there never was! So glad we were a part of it and were there to celebrate the marriage of two wonderful and endearing people.

  • Brenda Martin Plant - Gorgeous !!!!!

  • Nancy Detomaso - please pass the tissues…

  • Andrea Knapp - These are gorgeous photos Kelly and Mike! Congratulations again!