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Justin & Rachel’s Lake Club Wedding and Reception

We’re so glad to share some more images from Justin and Rachel’s gorgeous wedding this past April at The Lake Club in Poland, Ohio, just outside of Cleveland. This was our first time shooting at this spectacular venue, and we loved all the natural light that floods into the reception hall. Rachel and Justin did an amazing job with the decor, and the room looked incredible in shades of light pastels, perfect for a spring wedding in Ohio! We’re so glad Justin and Rachel opted for a first glance, which always results in a touching sequence of images! A HUGE thanks again guys for selecting us as your wedding photographers! Enjoy the images!

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  • Crystal Siembida Boggs - Love these pics!!! 🙂

  • Joanne Linczak Penkalski - So many beautiful details! Love the dress.

  • Rachel Boggs - We are in love! It was like we got to go back to our wedding all over again! Thank you for capturing each moment so perfectly!

  • Anonymous - The photographers actually added to the fun of the wedding experience. Worth every penny for these gorgeous keepsakes

  • Susan Bassi Brown - Just beautiful!

  • Jeannine ODonnell - Wonderful pictures !!!