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Ryan and Makara’s Akron Art Museum Wedding

Makara and Ryan’s wedding in Akron this past May was incredible for so many reasons! They are incredible people, and come from such beautiful families! This was evident throughout the whole day, and were so glad we were able to meet everyone and join in on the celebration. Of course being such naturals in front of the camera is never a bad thing, and combine that with some unique backdrops for our portrait time and the result is pretty clear! We were excited to venture out in the city to find some brand new locations to use, and in the end I think they all were a perfect fit for these two. If you have not ever been there, the Akron Art Museum is a gorgeous venue for a wedding! It’s modern and clean look, combined with an abundance of natural light make it a Cleveland wedding photographer’s dream! Thanks again guys for such a great day, you really made us feel like part of the family and we hope these images will be cherished for a long time to come!

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