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Ben and Amy’s Fourth of July Cleveland Wedding

We love getting to work with the same families multiple times, so we were naturally excited to get the call last year from Amy that she wanted us to photograph her and Ben’s wedding the following year! It’s hard to imagine that one year later there we were on a beautiful 4th of July Friday on their big day. The importance of family was evident all afternoon, and we really fell in love with the carefree nature of not only Amy and Ben but their friends and family as well. Amy chose to wear her mom’s actual wedding gown for the first half of the day ( and she looked incredible in it!), and switched to a different gown following the ceremony. We even setup a mini first glance for Ben to see the new dress! Some of our favorite images came from Amy’s dance with her dad at the reception at Tom’s Country Place, it was incredible to watch! Thanks again guys for trusting us with your wedding photography!

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