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Jackie & Rob’s Cleveland Wedding at The Club at Key Center

We couldn’t wait for Jackie and Rob’s wedding to arrive!  Since we had only met Jackie over Skype, we couldn’t wait to meet them both in person and get them both in front of the camera!  Most of the time, couples who haven’t done an engagement session prior to their wedding have a hard time adjusting to being stars in front of the camera, but not these two!  The day was full of beautiful moments, big laughs, and excitement!  Their wedding and reception were both held at the Club at Key Center with Amy Hissa from At Last Event Planning making sure the entire day went smoothly.  My favorite part was seeing how much every single person at the wedding respected and loved the bride and groom and only had such wonderful words to say about their quality of character.  We are so thrilled to have been Jackie and Rob’s wedding photographers!

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  • Patricia Penland - FABULOUS PICTURES
    My flower shop did the flowers for this wedding. Would it be possible to get some pictures with your watermark on them to post on my website and FaceBook page? Would love to share your fabulous creative work and give you the publicity as well.