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Chris & Jessica’s Wedding at Cleveland City Hall

We were anxiously awaiting Chris and Jessica’s Cleveland wedding for a number of reasons! Not only did they have a beautiful venues lined up like the Old Stone Church in Public Square as well as the Cleveland City Hall Rotunda, but they had some great vendors on their team as well, including the fabulous Allison from Kirkbrides Wedding Planning and Design, as well as “Thee” Scott Jones from the Cleveland Music Group. Pair this with an incredible couple that is laid back and so great to be around, and you have the makings for a wonderful day! We had the opportunity to do out prep photos at the Key Center Marriott in downtown Cleveland, and since Chris and Jessica opted to do a first glance, we had a good amount of time to photograph at various spots around downtown, including a fantastic new mural right near the Horseshoe Casino near Public Square. Thanks again guys for such a fantastic day, we know you could have chosen anyone to document your day, and we’re really thankful you selected us! We wish you guys nothing but the best in your first year of marriage!

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