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Erica and Jim’s Kent State University Center Wedding

A little while back, we met up with Erica and Jim on an especially beautiful day that also happened to be their wedding day!  There wasn’t anything on this day that anyone wouldn’t have described as perfect!  Once you see how beautiful Erica is, you will know why WE thought it was perfect!  🙂  These two were so wonderful to work with – I especially loved how open and fun the both of them are with everyone they meet – including us.  We felt like we had known them forever after only a few minutes of meeting them. We had the chance to do some photographs in downtown Canton, which offers some unique backdrops and buildings that are perfect for our style of photography.  Their families were fun and full of personality and the bridal party kept us on our toes!  We especially loved getting to sit with one our favorite past couples at the reception at The Kent State University Center, Doug and Jen!  Thanks again guys for having us along for your wedding day, we enjoyed every minute of it!

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  • Joanne Linczak Penkalski - Love, love this dress and her updo is gorgeous.

  • Megan Ritchea - The moments captured here are absolutely amazing….I cried soon as I saw the very first picture lol. Erica you are gorgeous! You look so happy…and I am so very happy for you. I love the pictures of you and your dad…..Mark, you look so proud:):) I love pictures…they capture moments in time and allow you to save and have them forever…these are truly amazing pictures!

  • Marilynolinn Marilynolinn - So beautiful, every single picture. Thanks for sharing with me. Love to you.