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Mia and George’s Cleveland Botanical Gardens Wedding

Mia and George are one of the most well-matched couples we’ve ever had the privilege to photograph!  They have a special chemistry together that can be felt by everyone around them.  Their day dawned wet and rainy which canceled their outdoor ceremony plans, but never for a moment was Mia’s happiness dampened!  Her radiant spirit and positivity was the sunshine that every person on that day felt up till the moment that typical Cleveland weather kicked in and the sun ended up making a glorious appearance.  George couldn’t take his eyes off his beautiful bride the entire day and we were able to capture some of the most beautiful wedding photographs at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens ever!  After spending our creative time there, we took some pictures in front of the Cleveland Museum of Art and then it was off to the Hilton in Akron for their beautiful reception.  Enjoy the images – isn’t Mia’s smile just contagious?!

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